Counselling and Education Can Stop the Chaos.

As a Vancouver Addiction Therapist I can help
provide relief from the pain and struggle
show you how to help your addicted child.


 "It is not enough to put your child into rehab; you have to look after yourself. 

We know that without Jodi, and the other parents in the group, we would not have made it and we would have continued to blame each other for our daughter’s addiction. We have learned that we did not cause it, we cannot cure it, and we cannot control it, but we can face it together.

Jodi has brought a calming peace into our lives, which has made this unfortunate and unexpected journey livable."

~ Jennifer and Jim, Vancouver


If you have a teenager or adult child who is addicted to alcohol or drugs, you might feel like your life has been turned upside down. Whether your child is a teen still living at home or is an adult living away from home, your life feels out of control.


Do any of these sound painfully familiar?

1. You're tired of the pain.

It hurts deeply to see your child’s life go downhill.

2. You worry constantly.

Fear and anxiety keep you up at night.

3. You're always on guard.

You never know what will happen next.

4. You're exhausted.

You’re constantly doing damage control trying to minimize the chaos.

5. You feel helpless.

You’ve done everything you can to help your child. Nothing has worked.

Counselling Can Help You Stop the Pain

As a parent of a child struggling with addiction,
you want your child to get clean or sober.
You want your life back.

Fortunately, as an addictions counsellor who specializes in working with
parents of children with a substance abuse problem, I can help.

Here’s how I can help you with your addicted teen or adult child:

✓  Take back control over your life.

You will feel better once you do.

✓  Set boundaries with your child.

They need to be realistic so you can stick with them.

✓  Re-focus on your self-care.

Focus less on the behaviors of your child that are out of your control.

✓  Discover ways to help your child.

You can help even if your child hasn’t stop their addiction.

✓  Get some normalcy back in your life.

Feel calmer and more at peace.



As a parent, it is natural to try and help your child. However, when you have done everything you can and the problem persists, it is time to re-focus back on your life. When you feel stronger and more in control, you can make better decisions about your child. You’ll set appropriate boundaries and experience less chaos.

Your life will be better...

AND, while can’t make your child move towards sobriety, there are things you can do to make it more uncomfortable for him or her to keep abusing substances.

Hi, I’m addictions therapist, Jodi Takhar.

I provide counselling to parents of teens or adult children in Vancouver. I help them cope with and manage their life and child when there is a drug or alcohol addiction.

I’m passionate about helping families of addicts get their lives back. I love to help my clients celebrate their growth and achievements.

As someone who has family members who are alcoholics, I understand the dynamics of addiction. I know it is painful and devastating at times… but I also know how good it can feel when you take charge of your life, in spite of the addict’s addiction.

I know how much better life can be when you seek the expertise of an addictions therapist.

Are you ready to say good-bye to the chaos?

You are here because you want to feel better.
So, here are your next steps:


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